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House of JX

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Sustainable Luxury Accessories


Big Red

An exquisite triumph.

Big Red

An exquisite triumph.

Purity is Possibility

Presenting 100% Circular Fashion Accessories

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The Lady Handbag

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It’s who you are. Be extraordinary.

The Buckle

A dark and dramatic accent. Expressively bold and exquisitely crafted. A maverick spirit.

Square Bag

A bounty as uniquely alluring as the delectable leather that sculpts it. A superb balance of poised and playful, elegantly captured.

Shape History in Style



Our Pledge

Total sustainability. We don't create any new leathers or fabrics.

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Zero Plastic

We don't create any new plastics for your designer goods.

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Our Community

We invest 5% of our gift card profits to non-profit organizations

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The Purest Fashion on Earth